Social Media Internship Jobs in USA at CAT Tiny Homes

Title: Social Media Internship

Company: CAT Tiny Homes

Location: USA

Type: Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, Internship

Category: Marketing/PR, Creative Arts/Media

Tiny houses are a growing trend in the US, with more and more people seeking to go tiny and get off the grid each day. Our goal is to build the best possible tiny houses for the most reasonable prices, and we’re looking for interns who want to work alongside us in achieving that goal. It’s a labor of love for us, so we want it to be something that you love, too, something that you can throw yourself into a run with. Maybe you’ll even go tiny someday, too. You’ll certainly know what it takes and why it’s a great bet once you’ve completed your internship.

We’re in search of team members who are dedicated to learning and furthering their knowledge in business in the form of interns who are eager to learn about and help in tasks such as content creation, promotion, and marketing. We’re looking to find those who can help us in social media and search engine marketing and promotion. You’ll have flexible hours and have the chance to learn learn invaluable business skills like:

Management and leadership
Teamwork skills
Sales techniques
And more!
We offer school credit and course credit along with the critical business knowledge and rich learning environment at our internships.

We are looking for the following qualities in our interns:

An eagerness for knowledge


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